Adam Patyk was James McDonough's writing partner on some of Dreamwave's Transformers comics.


Patyk was a longtime Transformers fan, even posting at for a while. Later, he would work for ToyFare and Wizard: The Comics Magazine (including editorial work for Wizard Entertainment's sub-label Black Bull Comics), where he would meet his future writing partner, James McDonough. Both of them tried to push for coverage of Transformers-related materials and eventually established contacts with Dreamwave representatives through magazine-related contacts and conventions.[1]

For the eight-issue More Than Meets The Eye limited series of profile books for Generation One characters, McDonough (who was writing under the pseudonym "Brad Mick" at that time while acting as Dreamwave's "Creative Director" under his real name) suggested Dreamwave hire Patyk as the primary writer. Following the MTMTE mini, Patyk would join McDonough on the third Generation One volume starting with issue #5. In addition, Patyk and McDonough also wrote the three-issue Armada counterpart of the More Than Meets the Eye profile books, the four-issue Micromasters mini-series and the 2004 Summer Special, as well as various non-Transformers-related titles published by Dreamwave, such as Custom Robo and Devil May Cry. Lastly, the two were supposed to write the crossover Transformers/G.I. Joe: Divided Front (of which ultimately only one issue would be released) and a solicited Beast Wars mini-series.

In late 2003/early 2004, Dreamwave started to delay payments for Patyk and McDonough, initially coming up with various excuses while at the same time assigning the two with additional work. Despite their threats to leave the company, Patyk and McDonough were repeatedly asked to stay in order to resolve the problems at hand. Eventually, Dreamwave's debt with the two writers would amount over $40,000. When they threatened legal action in mid-2004, they were fired by Dreamwave,[1] with the latter trying to suppress this delicate bit of information.[2] Their unpublished stories were supposed to be rewritten by Chris Sarracini (Generation One) and Simon Furman (Beast Wars), while Patyk and McDonough filed a lawsuit against Dreamwave.[3]

The case would ultimately never be settled, as Dreamwave officially filed for bankruptcy in early 2005. Meanwhile, Patyk and McDonough refused to offer any kind of public closure to their planned storylines unless they were paid the money they felt they were owed by Dreamwave.[4]

Transformers comics written by Adam Patyk

Note: Patyk shares a writing credit with James McDonough on all these stories, the latter being also credited as "Brad Mick" or "James 'Brad Mick' McDonough" in some instances.


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