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Activision is a North American video game developer and publisher founded in 1979. It was the first third-party video game company in the world, and one of the oldest video game companies to exist today, developing and producing series such as Tony Hawk's Pro SkaterGuitar Hero, and Call of Duty. Activision, Inc. is a division of Activision Blizzard, a new company formed out of a merger between Activision and Blizzard Entertainment, the developer/publisher of the massively multiplayer online role-playing game juggernaut World of Warcraft.

Relevant to this wiki, they held the rights to produce Transformers video games for PC, home consoles and handheld game systems from February 13, 2006 to December 21, 2017. Following the expiration of this licensing deal, all their published Transformers titles were delisted from digital storefronts.

Development studios owned by Activision who are also relevant to this wiki include High Moon Studios and Vicarious Visions.

Transformers games published

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