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Action Masters are a subgroup in the Generation One continuity family.

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Action Master Elites are Action Masters - the group of Transformers who are unable to transform - who are able to transform. There's something not quite right about any of that.

The Action Master Elites were released only in Europe in 1991, at a time when the US toyline had ended (albeit temporarily, as it turns out). Each toy had a built-in button that, when pressed in vehicle mode, performed motion on the toy. Three of the four released bear strong resemblance to previously-existing Transformers, however, only one of those three had toys which had previously been released in Europe.

There has been very little fiction featuring any of the Action Master Elites, so it is unknown how they retained or regained their transforming ability, although an unnamed robot resembling Windmill is the captain of the Sojourner's Passage in the Transformers Universe comic series.

The four were as follows:


  • Omega Spreem. Changing into a Cybertronian tank, the robot's design (though not his colours) bears a strong resemblance to Omega Supreme. However the original Omega Supreme toy was not released in Europe.
  • Windmill. The only fully original design, who transforms into a high-impact, counterstrike helicopter.


  • Double Punch. Changing into a mechanical scorpion, both his design and colour scheme strongly resemble BlackZarak, the upgrade (and retooling) of Scorponok in the Japanese Super-God Masterforce cartoon. Yet BlackZarak was never available in Europe, and the Action Master Elites were not released in Japan.
  • Turbo Master. Transforms into Cybertronian dual-propeller helicopter. His robot mode bears a resemblance to Bruticus, who, for once, actually was released in Europe.

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