Acid Storm (G1)

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This article is about The Generation 1 Decepticon. For Prime Decepticon, see Acid Storm (Prime).

Acid Storm is a Decepticon Seeker from the Generation One continuity family.

ite his intelligence, data gathering skills, and potential charisma, Acid Storm prefers to wallow in anonymity as just one of the Rainmakers, a cadre of specialized Seekers who have the capability to manipulate localized weather patterns to create acid rain. He is a part of Shockwave's forces on Cybertron.


The Transformers cartoon

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When a group of Autobots (and Chip Chase) journeyed to Cybertron to fetch a cosmotron for a wounded Optimus Prime, Megatron sent the Rainmaker trio, including Acid Storm, Ion Storm and Nova Storm to make things difficult for our heroes with some acid rain.

Guess what? They lost.

Bumblebee even calls him by nameā€”and we thought he was just talking about the weather. Divide and Conquer


Universe (2008)

  • Acid Storm (Deluxe, 2008)
    • Accessories: Left & right missile launchers, 2 missiles
Universe AcidStorm toy.jpg
The Seeker redeco you weren't expecting.
Acid Storm is a redeco of the Classics Starscream mold, (Duh) transforming into an F-15 Eagle fighter jet, though with a canopy like that of an F-14 Tomcat. He comes with a pair of spring-loaded missile launchers that can be mounted on his biceps or used as hand-held weapons in robot mode, and are attached under his wings in vehicle mode.
This toy was also used to make Classics Skywarp and Timelines Thundercracker (and their Henkei! Henkei! redecos), and retooled to make Classics Ramjet, and Timelines Dirge and Thrust.


  • According to Hasbro's BotCon 2008 panel, Acid Storm was originally to be named "Rainmaker", then "Acid Rain", but those names didn't clear Legal.
  • Acid Storm's Universe deco was designed by Aaron Archer, a relative rarity for the time given Archer's high hierarchical status within Hasbro.
  • Although explicitly based on the green Rainmaker from "Divide and Conquer", Acid Storm's near-fluorescent green in the cartoon was specifically toned down to fit better into the quasi-realism of the 2008 Universe toyline.
  • Acid Storm's "hyperion3 cannon" is based on one of the email addresses of Transformers fan Matthew Karpowich, aka "Monzo", much as Acid Storm's bio itself is based in part on him (notably the data-gathering aspect). This is the second Universe toy to shout-out to him, the first being Onslaught.
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