Acid Storm is a Decepticon Seeker from the Transformers: Cyberverse continuity.

―Normally I'd say that I'm so not afraid to take on a henchbot. But Acid Storm does this super not-fun thing where he manipulates the weather to create toxic rain. That's seriously not cool.

Acid Storm is a menacing Decepticon seeker under Starscream's command. they have the ability to manipulate the weather to create toxic rain and constantly chases Bumblebee and his friends around on Earth. Bumblebee believes that Acid Storm needs a better way to spend their free time.[1]

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Transformers: Cyberverse cartoon

Terminal Velocity, Maccadam's (Cyberverse episode), Teletraan-X (episode), Siloed, The Extinction Event, Awaken Sleeping Giants, Eruption, Sea of Tranquility, Bad Moon Rising, Trials, Dark Birth, Parley, Spotted, Infinite Vendetta, I Am The Allspark, Alien Hunt! With Meteorfire And Cosmos



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In-keeping with depictions of the character in other continuities, Hasbro has generally presented Acid Storm as male; the bio on Hasbro's U.S. website refers to the character with male pronouns, and the toy's package art (seen at right) uses a masculine-styled Seeker head. In the animated series, on the other hand, the character has a feminine voice is provided by actress Jaime Lamchick, indicating that they are intended to be female (with other Seeker characters Nova Storm and Skywarp being similarly gender-swapped). However, an apparent case of animation oversight resulted in Acid Storm constantly fluctuating between the show's two distinct "male" and "female" Seeker designs from episode to episode, and even scene to scene. When questioned about this, Cyberverse writer Mae Catt offered an in-universe explanation for the inconsistency, stating that their changing appearance was "just something Acid Storm likes to do," implying the character is non-binary genderfluid. In response to further queries, Catt noted that "pronouns are up to Acid Storm."


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