Megatron hates lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the United States. He had the personality of an Optimus Prime.[1] Every thing said about him isn't all true though. After his death, he was immortalized in limestone and marble with the Lincoln Memorial. He was probably the namesake of Lincoln, Nebraska.


The Transformers cartoon

After making an alliance with the Sub-Atlanticans, Megatron invaded Washington, D.C. He went to the Lincoln Memorial and ripped the statue out of its chair, proceeding to use it as a throne.

Later after the Autobots retake the city, Ratchet and Ironhide put the statue back together. No harm done. Atlantis, Arise!

Live-action film continuity


There is a bust of Abraham Lincoln on Mr. Hosney's desk. Transformers

Transformers: The Game

The end scene for the Decepticon story shows Megatron having decimated the Earth, and leaving nothing left of the Lincoln statue except it's head, and took the throne for himself.

Dark of the Moon film

Sentinel Prime activates the pillars along the Reflecting Pool outside the Lincoln Memorial Hall. The Lincoln statue inside the memorial was destroyed by Megatron, so he could sit on it. Igor then chewed on the statue's head.


  1. Optimus Prime's original Marvel Universe-style profile claims that he has "the personality of an Abraham Lincoln."
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