Dante is a human Headmaster in the IDW continuity portion of the Generation 1 continuity family

All hat but no cattle. (He killed the cattle with his bare hands.)

A member of the fairly dastardly mustache-twirling organization known as the Machination, Dante has a vested interest in obtaining Cybertronian technology and reverse-engineering it.


IDW comics continuity

A police officer investigating the death of a man in the desert reported to Dante that their agent Stoker was dead. Infiltration issue 2 Soon afterwards, two of the visitors began a heavy-handed "clean up" operation by destroying all traces of Stoker's investigation, so Dante called in Drake to move up their plans to procure one of the visitors. Infiltration issue 4 Serving under a shadowy mechanoid, Dante reported on the progress resulting from the abduction of Sunstreaker and Hunter O'Nion. He was especially pleased to relate that the conspiracy theorist had taken the Headmaster implantation process like a trooper. When the mechanoid expressed his lack of patience over the slow progress, Dante reminded that they must proceed carefully to avoid setbacks. Escalation issue 5 Later, he showed the mechanoid the results of Hunter's upgrade, pleasing the machine. When Hunter asked what did the Machination want with him, Dante stated that the young man had served his purpose, but supposed he could be reconditioned to be part of their new world order. Escalation issue 6

After the first batch of Headmasters proved to be a rousing success, Dante underwent the process himself, binary bonding with his Cybertronian master. The human commented that he had a new lease on life, perhaps implying that he was terminally ill prior to the process. Combined, Scorponok lived again! Devastation issue 6

I cannot remain in this unacceptable operational status!

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