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About A Rock is the twentieth episode of the first season of Transformers: Rescue Bots Academy.


Heatwave brings back what he thinks is a sample from an asteroid, and blames the Recruits when it disappears. While searching for it to clear their names, the Recruits quickly discover that the "rock" is actually an alien—and it's loose in the Headquarters!


Heatwave and Boulder start unloading stuff from the Sigma and find the recruits waiting to greet them. They look at the rock samples Heatwave has brought back from an asteroid, and Hot Shot admires one in particular that seems to be glowing. Heatwave opts to take the rocks to his office to keep them safe, ordering the recruits to resume their martial arts training. Hoist reprograms Tough Luck Chuck so they can spar with him, but unfortunately Chuck is more interested in dancing than fighting. Heatwave interrupts them with news—one of the rock samples has disappeared and he implies one of the recruits has taken it, though if they return it by the end of the day, no more will be said.

Wedge assumes Hot Shot took the rock. Hot Shot insists he didn't, and Whirl backs him up. The recruits split up to search and Wedge locates the rock next to Hot Shot's Cube gear, seemingly confirming his suspicion. Medix finds him picking it up and becomes suspicious Wedge is trying to frame Hot Shot. The pair argue, and then realize the rock's vanished again. They assume Hot Shot's responsible, however when Wedge catches up with Hot Shot, the other recruit is empty handed. Whirl and Hoist meanwhile find the rock in the GroundBridge room. When Hot Shot goes to grab it, it suddenly sprouts legs and eyes and dashes off. Whirl corners it in her locker, but ends up trapped herself as it eludes her, and is freed when Medix and Wedge mistake her for the rock alien. Hot Shot and Hoist pursue the critter back to the GroundBridge room, but as they corner it, they realize it's only fleeing because it's frightened. Once Wedge acts a bit friendlier, the rock creature calms down.

They return it to Heatwave's office, but before they can explain what happened to their teacher, he whisks it away to the lab to examine it. He's therefore startled when it sprouts eyes before he can get to the lab. A short time later, he takes the creature off in the Sigma to return it to its home.

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