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Tall and lanky with a blinding white paint job, the ape-like Abominus is a survivalist. He specializes in traps—the more the better, because he prefers a solitary existence far from anyone else, and will go to extreme lengths to maintain his peace and quiet. Needless to say, he doesn't get on well with authority.


2015 Robots in Disguise books

Autobot World Tour

Eons in the past, Windblade helped arrest Abominus. He was later imprisoned aboard the Alchemor. When the ship crashed on Earth, Abominus ended up on Mount Everest. He set about ensuring his solitude by setting traps around the mountainside, but was spotted by monster hunter Loren Fortean who mistook him for a Yeti and intended to feature him on his TV show. Fortean's broadcast was spotted by Bumblebee's band of Autobots, and the away team was dispatched to the mountain to find Abominus.

The team managed to find Abominus's cave before falling prey to one of his traps and landing up in a cage in the middle of his lair. He informed them that in order to secure his solitude, he'd planted explosives around the mountain to create a massive avalanche that would keep everyone away. While he was away setting more explosives, Slipstream freed the rest of the team, who reprogrammed Abominus's traps to target him instead of everyone else. As a result, Abominus ended up in his own cage and they were able to put him on ice.

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