Even more so than the other Decepticon combiners, Abominus is a being of mindless fury. He's not truly a warrior - he's an animal, the destructive rages of the Terrorcons that compose him personified. His commanders can't give him orders simplistic enough for him to understand, so they just point him in the direction of objects that need to be smashed, and turn him loose. The only thing that distinguishes him from a wild beast is the enjoyment he derives from his terrible rampages.

Abominus is the combined form of all five Terrorcons:

Italian name: Thundertron
Russian TV dub name: Oblomius ("Failurius")


Marvel Comics continuity

He took the words right out of my mouth.

The Terrorcons were part of Scorponok's crew on Cybertron, and when he led his troops to the world of Nebulos, they came along as well. The Terrorcons and Horrorcons were, naturally enough, terrorizing the resort city of Splendora, when they came under attack by Brainstorm, Hardhead, and the Technobots. The Terrorcons responded by merging into Abominus.

Rather than actually attacking his enemies, Abominus began brainlessly smashing his way through the city, till the Technobots combined into Computron and blasted him. Computron then bashed Abominus with a steel beam, hitting him so hard that he broke apart into the Terrorcons, who promptly retreated. Love and Steel!

Generation One

American cartoon continuity

Voice actors: Jim Gosa (US); Chikao Shiroyama (Japan)

Tha BOMBinus!

Abominus first battled the Autobots when the Decepticons tried to secure anti-electrons from the severed head of Unicron, and proved too much for Rodimus Prime, Ultra Magnus, Kup and Perceptor to handle. Fortunately, the recently super-intelligent Grimlock had just created the Technobots, who were capable of forming Computron. The Autobot gestalt defeated Abominus by vibrating. Grimlock's New Brain Later, when the Terrorcons allied with the Quintessons, they installed a timer mechanism which would cause them to separate after combining into Abominus. Computron used this ability to cause Abominus to separate. Money is Everything

Abominus ultimately held the upper hand, smashing Computron before he could solve an algorithm to get the upper hand. Definitely, Computron Think Too Much! The Return of Optimus Prime, Part 1

Japanese cartoon continuity

The Headmasters cartoon

Zone OVA and manga

Voice actor: Yukimasa Kishino (Japan)


When Violen Jygar seized command of the Decepticons, his first act was to recruit the Nine Great Demon Generals, strong chosen individuals from Decepticon history. Abominus was selected to be one of those Generals and was given the rank "Monster General" as well as new power and weaponry to make him an even greater threat than before. Abominus was sent to the Planet Feminia to wreak havoc along with Menasor and Overlord. Together, they destroyed the entire planet and nearly killed Victory Saber in the process. Enter the New Supreme Commander, Dai Atlas!‎


  • Abominus (1987)
Japanese ID number: D-84

Real bots wear pink.

Abominus is formed out of all five Terrorcons. As a Scramble City combiner, each smaller Terrorcon attach as limbs into the central body, Hun-Gurrr. He is completed by attaching fists, feet, a large chestplate, head and is armed with Hun-Gurrr's rifle.
Similarly to Superion, Hun-Gurrr's own slender legs lead to Abominus having some disproportionately thin thighs.
Thanks to Hun-Gurrr's articulation, Abominus is perhaps the most posable of the Generation One combiners. He can swing his legs forward and backward as well as to the side, and also has knees, even if they are a little high.
Only the individual Terrorcons were sold in most markets. The giftset was only released in Italy and Japan.

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