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I don't know, but I'll tell you where we're not.

A group of Maximals and Autobots are abducted by Unicron into a multiverse-spanning conflict.

Transformers Universe > Issue # 1
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Universe issue #1[]

Story: Glen Hallit, Dan Khanna
Script: Simon Furman
Pencils: Dan Khanna
Inks: Serge Lapointe, Chuck Gibson, Terry Pallot
Colors: Hi-Fi Design, Blond, Dan Khanna
Lettering: Richard Starkings & Comicraft
Post Production and Assist: Blue Olive Studios

  • Originally published: Summer 2003


Somewhere in the depths of space, seven balls of glowing energy streak out of a void...

On the reformatted technorganic Cybertron, Rook reports on the return to Cybertron of some long-lost travelers. After some banter from Cheetor and Rattrap, the ship lands, and its passengers disembark: the long-absent Autobots Trailbreaker, Sideswipe, Sunstreaker, Shadow Striker and Roulette. Sideswipe is shocked by the changes to Cybertron, while Sunstreaker just basks in the adulation.

Without warning, what appear to be fireworks strike the five Autobots, as well as Blackarachnia and Silverbolt, and whisk them away, leaving a bewildered Rook behind. The seven abductees materialize in an unknown location. Blackarachnia notes that the place is crawling with evil...and a booming voice welcomes them to The Pit!

Within Cybertron, Primus and Alpha Trion confer on the Enemy's rising plans.

Back in the Pit, Silverbolt is painfully rebuilt into his Beast Wars-era body. Soon he is reunited with the others and sees that Sideswipe and Sunstreaker have likewise been recreated into new forms. The group travels across a thin bridge over a bubbling cauldron...from which emerge hordes of fiery demon-like creatures. Though the Transformers fight well, they are soon captured by the weight of numbers and brought into a nearby arena.

As the group is led into cages, Blackarachnia resists—and is promptly bashed into place by Tankor. The other watching Generals explain: Obsidian is from an alternate Cybertron where he seized power. As for the Tigerhawk lookalike, know that he is Razorclaw, that his reality is not yours, and while he shares Tigerhawk's dual spark and Vok heritage...he is not he! Er, him. That is, he's not Tigerhawk.

Obsidian explains that they are here simply to fight and die. As an example, two Autobots who have already succumbed to the madness are turned loose on each other. After a fierce battle, Smokescreen is destroyed by Smokescreen, his Spark consumed by Unicron.

On Cybertron, Primus feels a part of himself devoured. He and Alpha Trion call forth their champion...the revived Optimus Primal!


  • Rattrap's eyeballs. Guh.

Items of note[]

  • Razorclaw may well be Rockbuster, as the video-pack redeco of Razorclaw is nearly indistinguishable from Rockbuster.
  • Though an Autobot-sized, retro-colored Ultra ape Optimus Primal is brought out of the Matrix by Primus and Alpha Trion, the "foul radiation" of the Pit later changes him, leaving him "forever stamped 'unclean'" -- and also in his Universe colors.