Steeljaw's Crew

Steeljaw and his crew in their hideout.

The Abandoned Steel Mill is a location that Steeljaw's Pack took as a base after briefly residing in the Crown River Dam. It is located in the vicinity of Crown City.


Transformers: Robots in Disguise

In True Colors, Thunderhoof was mentioned by Steeljaw as being in search of a more suitable base than the dam. The pair were revealed to have taken possession of the steel mill in Sideways along with their comrades Underbite, Fracture, Divebomb, and Airazor. Clampdown was brought there with the intention of being added to Steeljaw's pack, but later fled due to Thunderhoof pursuing a vendetta against him. After a battle with Team Bumblebee, the Pack escaped the Autobots and returned to the steel mill with Clampdown as a new member. After their failed attempt in taking over Denny Clay's Scrapyard, they were chased away by the Autobots and were forced back to hide. Steeljaw angrily forced his gang to leave him alone and he soon gets contacted by Megatronus who convinces Steeljaw into helping him in exchange for Earth.

In Battlegrounds, Part 1, Steeljaw was planning on assembling Megatronus' Space Bridge here, but was then informed by the him that a much greater metallic mass was required to dissipate the energies in order for his arrival on Earth to be successful. Fracture and his Mini-Cons were dispatched from the steel mill to capture Fixit at the scrapyard, while the rest of the pack left to go to the Crown City Colossus after capturing Windblade. As of the conclusion of Battlegrounds, Part 2 the facility presumably no longer serves as a Decepticon base, given that most of the pack was captured by the Autobots and it's location was also known to Bumblebee and his team.

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