It's the end of the road for an ex Decepticon...

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Marvel UK issue #239

Writer: Simon Furman
Art: Geoff Senior
Lettering: Helen Stone

  • Originally published: 7th October 1989. Cover date ("off sale") 15th October 1989.


In Los Gravos, Mexico, Octopunch prepares to execute Carnivac, recounting his crime of siding with the Autobots Survivors! when a human called Jose crashes a truck into him. As the Decepticon collapses in the flames both Carnivac and other humans ask Jose why he risked his life when it isn't his fight. But Jose responds that Carnivac was ready to sacrifice himself for his family Survival Run and Jose can only do the same. Suddenly the remaining members of the Mayhem Attack Squad arrive and Carnivac decides to stop running and leaving them to others but instead to fight.



Elsewhere Springer and Broadside search fruitlessly for Carnivac. Springer is furious at himself for refusing to help when Catilla asked for it and worries they won't find Carnivac before it's too late, but Broadside suggests Inferno and Skids may have had more success.

Carnivac is holding his own well, having tricked Snarler into headbutting a wall and then blasting down Stranglehold. He is in the process of subduing Bludgeon when Spinister transforms to his helicopter mode and threatens the humans. Carnivac leaps in front of them, taking several blasts.

Spinister lands and put his gun to Carnivac's head, preparing to execute him. But Catilla has arrived and pushes Spinister aside. Bludgeon has recovered and throws his sword at Catilla, impaling and killing him. As Carnivac lashes out at Bludgeon the Autobot Survivors arrive, forcing the Mayhems to retreat.

Carnivac kneels by Catilla's corpse and swears that he will avenge his former comrade and the Mayhems are as good as dead.


Items of note

  • The Survivors storyline would eventually tie into the alternate continuity of the Earthforce storyline. It's not clear where one draws the line between the main storyline and this portion of the Earthforce branch.
  • The Mexican town is now identified as Los Gravos.
  • Octopunch's fate in this issue is unclear but he appears next in "Cry Wolf!". If the Earthforce continuity branch takes place between this story and then, he appears is several US strips starting with "Yesterday's Heroes!" but the exact placing of this story to that one is unclear.
  • The story of the Survivors is continued in the later "Cry Wolf!" in issue 272.


  • The original black and white version was reprinted in the Titan Books trade paperback "Way of the Warrior".
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