Galvatron decided that the House of Mirrors wasn't to his liking.

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Altered Images, redux.


Aboard the Ark, Galvatron sees his own past self before him, and snaps. In his insanity, he begins venting his rage on Megatron, unloading millennia of loathing on his former self. Megatron, meanwhile, is still recovering from his neuro-physio linkage to the Autobot Ratchet, and the Nucleon infusion which brought him back to life. As a result, he perceives Galvatron as Ratchet, and begins to fight back against his "Autobot oppressor". On the bridge, Shockwave and Starscream detect the conflict on their monitors, and head down to that level intent on vanquishing what they believe are weakened Autobots, just out of the stasis pods.

Rocketing away from Cybertron, Bludgeon and his Decepticons employ the strictest of scientific method in choosing their destination — Bludgeon blindly stabs a big map with his sword, and they decide to go after and conquer the world he skewered, Klo.

Back on the Ark, Ratchet has just fallen free of his stasis pod, the Nucleon effect having taken longer to revitalize him than Megatron or the other Autobots. He quickly realizes, though, that a psychic link remains between him and Megatron, as he begins to see through the Decepticon leader's eyes, and feel his pain from the battle with Galvatron. Around that time, though, Galvatron finally snags a clue and stops beating the life out of his former self. As he steps around the corner to collect himself, though, Starscream and Shockwave arrive and find the semi-lucid Megatron before them. Starscream reflexively shifts back into groveling boot-licker mode, but Shockwave snaps him out of it and sends 'Screamer on his way to locate any Autobots on the loose while he deals with Megatron. Before Ratchet's helpless eyes, Shockwave unleashes his cannon-arm's firepower on Megatron, and the feedback knocks Ratchet to his knees just as Starscream finds him in the maintenance bay.


I ahm Hakk, and this eez Frakk, yah, and ve're here to PUMP *clap* YOU UP!

On Cybertron, Prowl is regretting his choices which led to the Autobots being trapped on the dying planet. He gets a sudden shock when Grimlock arrives out of the blue with salvation: a set of Decepticon battle cruisers which he had secreted away millions of years ago just for such an occasion. Grimlock's foresight has now given the Autobots a chance to survive the planet's destruction and track down the Decepticons before they do any more damage.

Meanwhile, Hi-Q continues trying to convince the Neo-Knights that he is Optimus Prime reincarnate, and holds the key to Cybertron's salvation...

On the Ark, Ratchet astonishingly manages to hold his own against Starscream, decking the treacherous Decepticon with a single punch. And yet, with Megatron and Galvatron having reached an alliance and turned on Shockwave, Ratchet realizes that they are too dangerous to be allowed to roam free. With Starscream's unwilling help, he triggers an explosion in the Nucleon storage reactor, causing the Ark to spin out of control and crash down to Earth, just as it did four million years earlier...


Script: Simon Furman
Pencils: Andrew Wildman
Inks: Stephen Baskerville
Colors: Nelson Yomtov
Lettering: Rick Parker

  • Originally published: May, 1991

Major characters

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Items of note

  • A second year Autobot Car, Inferno finally makes his first official appearance in the regular Marvel U.S. comic continuity in this issue, in a one-panel cameo. Inferno had previously appeared in the alternate-universe issue #67. The U.K. comic had previously introduced him in another alternate future in issue #146, before introducing the present day version in issue #189.
  • Ratchet's sacrifice of the Ark (and himself) nominally takes out four Decepticon leaders; Galvatron II, Megatron, Shockwave, and Starscream. Good for him... however, Galvatron survives the crash and immediately begins killing fleshlings. Further, in the G.I. Joe comics leading up to Generation 2 we find out that Megatron also survived, and even repaired the Ark. He eventually (and inexplicably) restores Starscream. Shockwave appears in a certain possible future, and a Shockwave appears in some alternate-future UK-only timelines which may or may not be relevant. In hindsight, Ratchet seems to have succeeded in removing only himself from the picture.
  • Transformers Universe profiles for Pounce and Repugnus are found after the main story.


  • Megatron and Ratchet each flashback to their joining from U.S. #70.


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Specifics: UK covers
  • U.S. cover: Galvatron by Andrew Wildman
  • UK issue 327 cover: heavily recolored version of U.S. cover
  • UK issue 328 cover: Galvatron and Megatron vs Shockwave by Andrew Wildman

327 cover


328 cover


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