A Powerful Foe!! Sixknight the Wanderer is the eighteenth episode of Transformers: Super-God Masterforce. It first aired in Japan on August 23, 1988 on Nippon TV.



A new threat to the Autobots arrives from space in the form of Sixknight, a six-changer who targets Ginrai in order to prove his worth to the Decepticons. But Sixknight is in for a shock when he discovers the true nature of his opponent...


In the cloudy skies above the ocean, a squadron of military jets suddenly find themselves ambushed by a bizarre, alien-looking jet craft. As they open fire on the invader, before their eyes it transforms into a giant laser pistol and blasts them out of the sky. The pistol dives into the waters below, and emerges in the form of a hovercraft, before blasting the nearby navy battleship to pieces.

In Japan, Diver has come to visit, and is being treated to Cab's famous cooking at his treehouse along with the other Headmaster Juniors. Cab's parrot and armadillo entertain the group with a dinner show, but the revelry is interrupted when Metalhawk summons them all back to the base and informs them of the mysterious attack out at sea. It is obvious to Hawk that it is the work of a Transformer – could it be that the fourth Godmaster has revealed himself?

At the Decepticon base, Bullhorn and Cancer spar, but the watching Pretenders are not impressed, and prepare to show them how it's really done. A sinister, echoing laugh suddenly comes drifting through the base, and Cancer spots a shadowed figure standing on a ledge high above the Decepticons' heads. The mysterious Transformer who attacked the military has come to the Decepticon base – and quickly floors all three Pretenders when they attempt to attack him for his arrogance! Cancer races to inform Mega, and she and Giga attempt some diplomacy with the new Transformers, who introduces himself as Sixknight. When Mega asks what he is doing on Earth, he explains that he wishes to offer the Decepticons his power in their quest to conquer the Earth. Mega claims that power alone will not be enough to rule the Earth, but Sixknight does not possess any ordinary power – he is a master of Tenchokon! Mega and Giga are quietly amused at the fact that Sixknight is so proud of the fact he controls merely one Chokon Power, and inform him of the existence of Godmasters, who control all three. They turn down his offer, and dismiss him from the base. While escorting the enraged Sixknight out, Blood and Gilmer decide to exploit the situation by suggesting that he defeat Ginrai in order to prove himself.

Sixknight wastes no time in causing devastation in the middle of a city to bring Ginrai out, and is soon met with resistance from the Japanese Self-Defense Force, Metalhawk, Diver and the Autobot Juniors. Blood and Gilmer keep Diver occupied while Sixknight dispatches Metalhawk, but when Shuta transforms to robot mode, Sixknight mistakes him for Ginrai and quickly flattens him. At that moment, the real Ginrai arrives, and he and Sixknight square off. After explaining to Ginrai that he has travelled from world to world looking for a worthy opponent, and has thus far been undefeated, Sixknight unleashes his "Six-Change Attack," rapidly switching between all six of his modes. An attack from each mode results in failure, and his switch back to robot mode is greeted with a foot to the face by Ginrai, leaving him pinned and unable to break the Godmasters' hold. Blood tries to tip the scales by capturing Minerva and holding her hostage, forcing Ginrai to release Sixknight, who counterattacks mercilessly. Unaware of the Pretenders' actions, Sixknight is angered by Ginrai's refusal to fight back, but realizes the cause of his opponent's reluctance when Minerva calls out to him to forget about her and fight on. Although he is amazed that Ginrai cares anything for "human scum" like her, Sixknight will not brook any interference in their duel, and forces the Pretenders at gunpoint to release Minerva. As the sky clouds over and the two combatants stand poised to resume their fight, Ginrai becomes Super Ginrai as Sixknight threatens to unleash his "Six-Change of Death." As he hurls himself at Super Ginrai, the Godmaster summons all three Chokon Powers and channels them into his cannon, blasting the six-changer out of the sky with one almighty shot. As the broken and beaten Sixknight lies at Ginrai's feet, the Godmaster disconnects from his Transtector and returns to human form, stunning Sixknight with the revelation that he was beaten by "human scum." Unable to conceive of how a human being could possess more power than a Transformer, Sixknight is left with a lot to think about...


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  • For the first time, an entity other than a human being is shown to possess a Chokon Power. Astute viewers will recall from earlier episodes that the power that infuses Sixknight, Tenchokon, is the "Power of the Heavens," an energy derived from outer space.
  • Sixknight is briefly mistaken for the fourth Godmaster, who the Autobots have been searching for since "A Strange Friendship: Cancer and Minerva".


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