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Blackout's not THAT bad, I think.

AF-4500 is the identifying serial number of the United States Air Force MH-53 Pave Low helicopter that served as the template vehicle for the Decepticon Blackout's his Earth disguise.

It's kinda a plot point, more so than the other templates.

Transformers: The Game (Console)

AF-4500's pilot was female. She issued a distress call as the helicopter crashed, but it was apparently unheard. Transformers The Game (Console)


  • The number AF-4500 conflicts with the number 4500X used by Blackout in the actual movie, because if Blackout had destroyed an MH-53 to assume its form, he would have the same serial number (unless he destroyed several helicopters with very similar numbers). In any case, 4500 is a fake number that wouldn't be used for a currently serving military helicopter.
  • 4500X is also the number of director Michael Bay's personal jet.
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