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Angry Archer is a human from the Transformers Animated continuity family.

"Look, it's the Mad Archer!" "ANG-GU-REE! ANG-GU-REE! I AM THE ANG-GU-REE ARCHER!" "Whatever."

One of the human supervillains who menaces Detroit in the near future, the Angry Archer (real name A.A. Archer) bears a strong resemblance to the traditional portrayal of Robin Hood; this includes a cheesy 16th century British accent. The seemingly cybernetic arm (or glove), high-tech arrowheads and glider-pack are new, though. He uses his skills with a bow and arrow in his criminal schemes.

"Once more... we steal from the rich and give to the poor. Namely, ourselves."
―Angry Archer on his career choices[["Garbage In, Garbage Out"| [src]]]


Animated cartoon

Vocal thespian: Jeff Glen Bennett (English), Kaspar Eichel (German)

Hunt, hunt, hunt! He's the... Archer-man.

The Angry Archer didst reveal himself from within the shadows of the night. Dropping down on a passing horseless carriage, he bade its occupants stand and deliver. Howe'er, the local enforcers of the law didst vex him with their approach. This worried him not, for a swift rescue carriage was passing. Latching on't, he didst away with glee. But, forsooth, the carriage didst shift form to become a metal giant, who defeated the Archer with reckless abandon.

Whilst the Angry Archer pled that he desired naught but fame and fortune, flying cameras arrived anon to record his humiliating fate. The metal giant then didst mock him most cruelly, advising the Archer he would have to settle for fame. Oh, what a twisted move by the fickle hand of fate. Home Is Whither Thine Ember Is

Dost thou dare to be stupid, yon rubbish lorry?

The Angry Archer was next espied fleeing from constables with his latest ill-gotten finery. His escape was madeth easier when said constables literally ran into Wreck-Gar and wer't dashed rightly senseless. The Archer convinced the clockwork squire to journey with him and help with future roguish gallantry, and did even give him his new appellation. Alas, yon giant couldst not distinguish a difference 'twixt jewels, tools, and spools, so much of the bounty would ne'er be seen again. In their next sortie to lay low an armored coach, the two highwaymen ran afoul of yet more celestial knights, who convinced the tractable trash-toting titan to turn 'gainst the valiant Archer. The befuddled behemoth didst then try to "catch" his former cohort by hurling him high into yon blue sky. When danger reared its ugly head, the Archer turned his tail and fled. What Thou Casteth into the Midden, Thou Shalt Receive

The Angry Archer dist later return to join forces with like-minded knaves, namely a velocity-craving-dervish, a cherubic-maiden and a comely-wench-commanding-mastery-over-Father-Time-himself. Order of the Sports Utility Chariot


  • This character's name and face are a play on Transformers design director Aaron Archer. The initial designs were conceived by Cartoon Network without Archer's awareness, and his original name would have been "Aaron the Archer," then "Aaron the Angry Archer."
  • Once he learned of the character, the only change Aaron was able to request was to make the Archer left-handed, like Aaron himself.
  • His anachronistic robotic left hand was added to point out that even such a historically immersed character would still be taking advantage of future Detroit's advanced technology.
  • The Angry Archer's arrowhead arsenal ancludes includes....
    • Magnetic grappling lines
    • Laser cutters
    • Steel fists
    • Grenades
  • Angry Archer's voice is Jeff Bennett's "John-Cleese-ish" voice, which he's used for characters in other cartoons, including Lord Bravery (Legally, it's Lord Smoked Meats and Fishes) from Freakazoid!.
  • In her first appearance, Professor Princess came off as more of a threat than Angry Archer. He appears to be a bit more serious now.