3H Productions (originally 3H Enterprises) held BotCon from 1997 to 2002.

The company was founded by Jon and Karl Hartman and Glen Hallit prior to BotCon 1997 to help fund the convention.

At BotCon 2002, it was announced that 3H had secured the official Transformers convention license, as well as licenses to produce comic books and start a fan club. However, later that year it was announced that the Hartmans had left the organization, leaving Glen Hallit as the sole organizer. Both sides, when asked, offered different perspectives with regard to what had really happened behind the scenes. The fans, upon learning about this, engaged in a lot of heated debates, siding up with either the Hartmans or Hallit and causing flame wars that had not been intended by either side.

Since the Hartmans owned the BotCon name, 3H's 2003 and 2004 conventions were called "The Official Transformers Collectors Convention", or OTFCC for short.

After OTFCC 2004 was met with a lot of criticism both by fans and VIP guests, coupled with delays in the release of exclusives such as Sentinel Maximus, Hasbro decided to revoke all of 3H's Transformers licenses before the end of the year. Subsequently, 3H filed for bankruptcy.

Published fiction

3H has produced a number of stories, primarily available at BotCon.

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