The 10.2 ultra-drill is some kinda doodad from the Generation One continuity family.

A 10.2 ultra-drill is piece of Cybertronic technology. Presumably, its function involves some type of drilling. The ultra type, whatever that is. (Could this be a vital operation in producing ultra gears?)


Cartoon continuity

Alpha Trion was searching for a 10.2 ultra-drill lost somewhere in his workshop when a group of Decepticons, led by Megatron, burst in, demanding he give them the Key to Vector Sigma.

He tried to resist, but they managed to overpower him and take the Key, leaving him severely damaged. A group of Autobots soon arrived and repaired him, and after a journey to Vector Sigma fraught with peril, Alpha Trion sacrificed himself by merging with the supercomputer in order to grant life to the Aerialbots.

The fate of his misplaced 10.2 ultra-drill is, sadly, unknown.

The Key to Vector Sigma, Part 1


10.2 millimeters is actually a standard metric drill size.

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