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G.I. Joe and the Transformers #4

(Story also appears in: Marvel Transformers UK issue #277-281)

Script: Michael Higgins
Pencils: Herb Trimpe
Inks: Vince Colletta
Lettering: Joe Rosen
Colors: Nelson Yomtov
Editor: Bob Harras and Don Daley


The Autobots, together with their new allies from G.I. Joe and Cobra, take refuge inside the Ark as the area is shaken with earthquakes from the effects of Power Station Alpha. At the Decepticon base, Shockwave instructs Bombshell to dispose of Doctor Mindbender but he is saved by the intervention of the Baroness. The two Cobra agents depart, taking Bombshell with them in insect mode, and depart for Seattle, where they are due to rendezvous with a team from GI Joe.

Ratchet arrives at the Joes' base to inspect the remains of Bumblebee and is pleased to learn that not only is he still alive but that Main Frame has already begun reconstructing him. With Ratchet's help, the work is soon completed and Bumblebee announces from now on he wishes to be known as Goldbug. Mindbender and Baroness arrive and Main Frame's investigation of the cerebro shell retrieved from Anthony Duranti is shown to allow them to control Bombshell.

Meanwhile, debate ranges about the fate of Alpha. Both Serpentor and Ace think it should be destroyed, but Blaster is worried that after the Decepticons' modifications Alpha may now be a sentient being whilst Hawk is concerned about the loss of life if Alpha is destroyed in a populated area. It is eventually decided that a small team consisting of Goldbug, Scarlett and Baroness will plant explosives on Alpha which can be detonated if necessary. In order to prevent the Decepticons from intervening, a combined Autobot, Joe and Cobra force will attack their base.

As the attack begins, Shockwave despatches a group of Decepticon planes to counter the aircraft and also has the Constructicons combine into Devastator. The Aerialbots counter by becoming Superion and battling their opposite number.

Main Frame and Mindbender work out a way to use the cerebro shell and electronic helmet to control Alpha and send the power station to an unpopulated area. Without permission, Baroness sets the timers on the charges and Alpha explodes harmlessly in orbit. Cobra hastily withdraw from the scene of the battle whilst Mindbender also slips away. Not entirely convinced the Joes weren't in on Cobra's plan, Blaster tells them that with the immediate crisis averted they should leave the Decepticons to them in the future. Ratchet signals that he and Goldbug are on their way back to the Ark.

Later, Hawk watches as Senator Larkin is taken into custody, only to be shot by a gunman working for Cobra.


  • The issue starts with a massive infodump of Blaster and Omega Supreme telling each other the story so far. Only slightly better is Shockwave making a big speech about his Evil Plan to himself.
  • In addition to another anomalous appearance by Ravage, Starscream, Thundercracker and Skywarp are all shown among the Decepticons at the base. All three of them were captured by the Autobots in "Command Performances" and in US continuity they wouldn't be freed until "Totalled".
  • A total of seven Seekers are seen taking off from the Decepticon base but only Starscream, Thundercracker, Skywarp, Thrust and Ramjet are named. Since Dirge was killed in the previous issue, it's unclear who the other two are meant to be.
  • Although all six Constructicons are pictured, Shockwave only refers to Mixmaster, Hook, Long Haul, Bonecrusher and Scavenger.
  • In "Power Struggle", Mindbender was able to control Alpha with the helmet alone but here he apparently also needs the cerebro shell.
  • Baroness seemingly wanders into the Decepticon base, takes out Bombshell with a single shot (an achievement in itself), then wanders out again with Mindbender. That's great security.
  • Similarly, the Decepticons have a massive force assembled around their base but don't bother to leave anyone guarding Alpha.

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