Never make a deal with a guy named Doubledealer.

Generation One (Marvel UK) > Issue # 228
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Marvel UK issues #228

Writer: Simon Furman
Pencillers: Andrew Wildman
Lettering: Stuart Bartlett
Cover: Jeff Anderson


Little does Roadhandler know that you can get faction symbols online.

Chainclaw is in the process of bringing Optimus Prime battleplans from the Autobot Resistance on Cybertron to be evaluated, when he is attacked by a Decepticon falcon named Dealer, who carries him off right before the optics of Prime and the Race Car Patrol who were coming to meet him. Dealer radios Prime with an offer: meet him and his price to retrieve the plans, or he'll sell them to the Decepticons. Optimus agrees and, while considering who to send as a courier, is met by the Autobot named Double. Double claims to have been Chainclaw's back-up, and wants to take the meeting to make amends for his failure. After a Micromaster scans his Autobrand as authentic, Optimus Prime agrees to send Double to the exchange.

Dealer meets with Scorponok already at an abandoned barn, and sold him the Autobot Resistance's plans. A short distance away, Optimus and the Micromasters are waiting for Double to return from the exchange, only to have him stagger into view carrying Chainclaw. He claims the Decepticon double-crossed him and took the plans, pointing to the barn and saying the enemy was still inside. As Optimus and the Race Car Patrol charge into the building to avenge their comrades on the unsuspecting Scorponok, Doubledealer chuckles to himself about a good day's work and takes to the skies, as the sounds of battle echo behind him.


  • Chainclaw's shell really looks more like a giant rat than an imposing grizzly bear.

Items of note

  • Doubledealer and Chainclaw make their first appearances. Technically, so do the Race Car Patrol, although the later stories A Small War! and King 'Con! in UK #232-235 take place prior to this one.
  • Doubledealer is depicted here as a standard Triple-Changer, with no mention of any Powermaster gimmick or partners.
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