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This article is about the catchphrase. For the music CD set, see 'Til All Are One (CD).

I SAID 'til all are one, grrrrrrr

"'Til all are one" is a phrase knit throughout Transformers mythology and legend, often used as a rallying cry by the Autobots. It has been interpreted as meaning either until the end of the Great War, when the Transformers will shed their adversarial factional affiliations and all are one united group, or until all Transformers sparks are united in the Allspark of Primus. It is a hopeful slogan, a call for future unity.

Generation One

Cartoon continuity

The phrase was first introduced as Optimus Prime's deathbed mantra, and it would then be repeated regularly by Ultra Magnus, Rodimus Prime, and many of the other Autobots. The Transformers: The Movie

Note: It even appears in the movie's theme song: The last verse ends with a declaration that although the stand has been made and the immediate battle is over, the war with the powers of darkness will continue:

"It's judgment day and now we've made our stand

And for now the powers of darkness

Have been driven from our land

The Battle's over but the War has just begun

And this way it will remain til the day when all are one "

Having seized the Matrix of Leadership, Galvatron gloated that "all shall be one" under his rule. The Burden Hardest to Bear

Beast Wars

Rhinox claims that the Matrix dimension is a place "where all are one." Coming of the Fuzors (Part 2)

Beast Machines

As Megatron consumed the captured sparks of every Cybertronian, he urged "let us all become one!" Endgame Pt. III: Seeds of the Future

Dreamwave comics continuity

The Jedi Council has decided not to grant you the rank of master, young Prime.

In the War Within, the Autobot Council of Ancients held court in a chamber embossed with the same logo that had appeared on Omega Prime's sword.

The Seal of Primus also had "'til all are one" written on it.

"That thing stays in there till... till... "
"All are one?"
"Catchy. Yeah."
- Prowl and Shockwave, the War Within

IDW comics continuity

The Megatron Origin miniseries shows a much darker use for the phrase. During a gladiatorial death match between Megatron and an unnamed opponent, the crowd begin to chant the phrase, apparently attempting to goad Megatron into finishing off his opponent. The phrase, as used here, would seem to suggest that the gladiators are expected to kill one another until only one remains (presumably the final victor).

This IDW series is based on the decline of the Roman empire. The audience are the ones to decide the fate of the defeated gladiator, so they can tell the victor to kill the loser.

The chant may signify the union of Alpha and Omega (beginning and end) of a Transformer's life.

Fun Publications continuity

Leave it to a Decepticon-allied Mini-Con to misunderstand what the Last Autobot meant by "till all are one." Broadside convinced himself and many followers that it meant all Mini-Con's would be remerged with the Last Autobot, ending their existence. The New World

Robots in Disguise

Omega Prime's Matrix Blade had this phrase written across the hilt.

Unicron Trilogy

Cybertron cartoon

The phrase is quoted by Leobreaker when he, Override, and Evac were sent to Cybertron to aid the Cybetron Defense Team in the episode United. Also, when communicating with the Autobots, Primus would intone the phrase in reference to their quest to restore his Allspark. Later, when he created the Ark out of the four Cybertronian starships signifying the unity of the Transformers, he said that all were finally one. End

Shattered Glass

In the Shattered Glass timeline, a parallel universe, Optimus Prime sports a mocking juxtaposition of the famous saying on his alternate mode, stating "'Til all are gone!"

Revenge of the Fallen game

On the online multiplayer matches, one of Prime's phrases after killing an enemy is "'Til all are one".

War for Cybertron

The Autobot Council intones the phrase "Til all are one" to begin their meeting to decide who will be next to assume the mantle of Prime. It is also declared immediately after Optimus has announced the passing of Zeta Prime; the phrase may be used to ritually pronounce the death of the Autobot leader, while simultaneously expressing confidence in the new leader and faith in the continuance of the line, much like the intonation "The King is dead, long live the King."

Fall of Cybertron

Metroplex used the phrase during his last moments when he sacrificed himself to fuel The Ark. Fall of Cybertron

War for Cybertron Trilogy

Megatron used this phrase to rally the Decepticons to find the all-spark before the Autobots so he can rewrite their "faulty programming" as a means to end the war.

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