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"Big Steve" Ludwig is a human character in the Generation One continuity family.

He's like Bobby Bolivia, but with a mullet.

"Big Steve" Ludwig was a used car salesman. For some reason, he's a shifty fellow who'll do anything for a buck. Who knew?


Marvel Comics continuity[]

"Big Steve" Ludwig was the owner of Big Steve's Used Cars, a place that Blaster and the Throttlebots thought that no one would look for them while they were on the run. The morning after Steve was visited by the police and given a piece of paper giving the descriptions of the Throttlebots' alt-modes, but he barely glanced at it.

While swindling a family into buying a junker car, Steve noticed the Throttlebots sitting in his lot. After talking to his assistant, Clifford, he decided to sell the new cars other than Rollbar, who was slated for the junkyard. Immediately the Throttlebots gave away their identities and demanded Steve give them fuel and to be left alone until nightfall in exchange for not giving away his shady business dealings.

That night he noticed the paper the police had given him and realized they were the cars the cops were looking for. He called the number on the form and put soda into the Throttlebots' gas tanks. RAAT came to pick up the immobile Throttlebots when the Combaticons and Protectobots both arrived to take the Throttlebots themselves. Walter Barnett gave him his check for $300,000 and told him to get to cover.

In the ensuing battle between the opposing sides his whole lot was destroyed. He looked at his check for $300,000, figuring he had come out all right. In that instant a beam of sonic energy from Blaster destroyed it. Used Autobots