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===Transformers: the movie===
===American cartoon continuity===
:''Voice actor:'' [[Frank Welker]] (US), [[Kazue Komiya]] (Japan).
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The place for voice actors is where you should go. Wheelie's voice is the same as below!
The place for voice actors is where you should go. Wheelie's voice is the same as below!
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Grimlock, on the planet of Junk, just got out of writer's funk.
Grimlock, on the planet of Junk, just got out of writer's funk.
[[The Transformers: The Movie]] (Sorry the last one did not rhyme, I just did not have the time!)
===American cartoon continuity===
:''Voice actor:'' [[Frank Welker]] (US), [[Kazue Komiya]] (Japan).
On far off [[Quintessa]] his ship it did crash. Wheelie survived, though his ship turned to ash. He was friendless and alone, but Wheelie stayed alive. For Wheelie is strong and the strong must survive!
On far off [[Quintessa]] his ship it did crash. Wheelie survived, though his ship turned to ash. He was friendless and alone, but Wheelie stayed alive. For Wheelie is strong and the strong must survive!

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The name or term Wheelie refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Wheelie (disambiguation).

Wheelie is an Autobot, you see, in the Generation One continuity family.

"You give me sass, I kick your ass."

Wheelie, so small, is an Autobot child. But when stakes are high, he gets mean and wild! He carries a slingshot that shoots hurtful things; they'll hit your nose (the projectile, it stings). He has a speech pattern that's structured in rhyme, and he hangs out with Daniel most of the time.

Some think he's annoying and wish he would die. His answer to that? Here's death in your eye.

"Wheelie say find friends today!"
―Wheelie thinks his rhymes are very groovy, and that one was from[[The Transformers: The Movie| [src]]]

Hungarian name: is basically the same.
However in the movie's first dub, Ugrabot was the name of the bub
In French-Canada our little fellow chooses to be called: Tourbillo
The English/Malay dub that's oh-so-silly often calls this little bot: Willy
The Italians thought that they could do better, so in their dubbed movie they called him: Saetta
For non-movie media, they tried something cuter. For everything else, they named him: Scooter


American cartoon continuity

Voice actor: Frank Welker (US), Kazue Komiya (Japan).

On far off Quintessa his ship it did crash. Wheelie survived, though his ship turned to ash. He was friendless and alone, but Wheelie stayed alive. For Wheelie is strong and the strong must survive!

One day, the Dinobots searched for their friends, and Wheelie offered his help to achieve their ends. With his confident walk and sassy talk, he earned the respect of Mighty Grimlock. Gettin' help from Hot Rod, Kup and the rest, Wheelie went back to Cybertron, so he could attest. Transformers: The Movie

In 2006, for all that it's worth, he was charged with bringing Metroplex's cog to Earth. To accomplish the task Wheelie hooked up with Blurr, but Galvatron left them on Io, that villainous cur! Attacked by lipoles, things began to look grim. But then Marissa and Sky Lynx came to rescue him! With the cog at last delivered, Metroplex came alive. He thrashed Trypticon and that 'Con took a dive! Five Faces of Darkness

Japanese cartoon continuity

Headmasters cartoon

Voice actor: Kazue Komiya (Japan)

In Japanese what were Wheelie's actual dialoggies? Can you believe that he says "It's too late for apologies!"

By 2011, Wheelie was too petulant to rhyme. He blamed everything on Chromedome, like, all of the time. Although a jerk to the core, Wheelie was not all alone. He hung out with Daniel and the two were quite danger-prone.

At one point, at a party he had too much to drink. He got drunk and passed out, that adorable rat-fink.

Headmasters manga


Wheelie knows of many joys, best of all is supple young boys!

Shortly after the defeat of Mega Zarak, Soundblaster showed up and began to attack! Wheelie, unprepared, took a kick right to the face. Soundblaster got all up in his grill, saying "Bitch! Know your place!" When Slugfest and Overkill, took hostage Carly and Spike, Daniel went berserk and started to strike! Sending the Cassette dinosaurs running back home, Soundblaster was left open to an attack from Chromedome. As the Autobots left Earth, Wheelie and Daniel said "Goodbye". They huggled and they snuggled and the reader just screamed "WHY!?!"

Teletraan Go! Go! comics


Aw, little Wheelie's just curious! (Teletraan 10 will be furious.)

Teletraan 15's panties are so frilly and white. But when Wheelie peeked, 10 took this as a slight! Kup also came to give Wheelie a scolding, but then hugged 15, whose spine now needs remolding!

Marvel Comics continuity

Generation One

Note: If the part's in italics, don't look away, it's merely to show that it's from the UK.
Marvel UK future timelines

None too far did Wheelie roam - still, he called Quintesson his home. For Rodimus Prime he was quite the spy, he liked to report on what locals would try. The rescue of Wreck-Gar was his claim to fame, then Wheelie helped spoil the Quintessons' name. Space Pirates!

Generation 2

Here in the present, Wheelie hasn't been seen - he might be too young, if you know what we mean? Still if one wants to argue he's in this abode...Look, there's Wheelie! Right there on the road! The Power and the Glory

Dreamwave Comics continuity


Wheelie's gone feral! Let's hope he's sterile.

Although Shockwave promised peace to one and all, Wheelie was smart and for that ruse he did not fall. He joined a team along with Gnaw, his Sharkticon pet. Together they strived to unveil Shockwave's evil threat.

Optimus Prime joined their side, but thought Gnaw was attacking and beat his hide. Wheelie thought him a brute, and in retaliation, he bit the commander's boot.

Believe it or not, just like in Japan, Wheelie did not rhyme once, much to the joys of many a fan. Passive Aggression

Universe: The Wreckers comics


For Daniel only Arcee cried, but poor Wheelie also died!

With Dr. Fujiyama in tow, the Autobots were quite screwed. It seems a legion of Nightbirds were in a terrible mood! With Wheelie injured thanks to a shot in the back, scar-faced Daniel realized the villains would cut them no slack. Prepared to die to stop the evil hordes, Wheelie told Daniel these few final words: "Through all our lives, I've been your friend. But now it's time for this to end."

As Wheelie spoke these words of doom, Daniel made them go Kaboom! Departure

Universe comics

In an alternate reality Wheelie was not quite yet gone. He fought within Unicron to release all the energon! Trapped in a cage, Wheelie was doomed to meet his maker. However, he was saved by Silverbolt and Trailbreaker!

IDW comics continuity

Spoiler jazz

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Wheelie wanted to help and all, but the Autobots thought he was too small. Then one day he got his due, but radiation crashed his ship—boo hoo! The world's creatures towered over him; he greeted one and lost a limb. He got it back, so he wasn't sunk, but where he found it really stunk. Alas, he dug in poop in vain; after, transforming caused great pain. The trail of a crashed ship he embarked upon, but when he found it—Decepticon! An alien was tortured by Spectro and Spyglass, but Wheelie swooped in and saved Varta's ass. Wheelie had saved him just in time, so he taught Wheelie how to rhyme! Varta had a ship that flew, and Wheelie's power source would do. They both prepared to leave the place, but Spyglass shot Varta in the face! They took the ship and left Wheelie to his doom, but he surprised the 'Cons and made the ship go kaboom! One year later, he and Varta have a home, and his fate no longer does Wheelie bemoan! Spotlight: Wheelie


Generation One

G1Wheelie toy

You can transform him in a snap! But he still looks like crap.

  • Wheelie (Mini Vehicle, 1986)
    • Japanese ID number: C-80
Wheelie's transformation does not go very far, he turns into a generic "futuristic car". Surprisingly enough, the fans' fancy he tickles, as he's the only new mold of the third-year Mini Vehicles.
This mold was redecoed much later on, into an old friend of Prime's who was named Dion.
  • Future Cybertron (Transformers Collection, 2005)
    • Japanese ID number: TF-20
Wheelie was reissued in a Japanese "Transformers Collection" set. Targetmaster Kup and Recoil, you also did get! The reissue's different in an unexpected way; where the old face was orange, the new one is gray!

Universe (2008)

  • Wheelie (Legends, 2009)

Though it sticks in my craw, I gotta say: Wheelie’s new look is almost cool, in a way.

Yes, they've actually made this toy. It's surprising they brought back the ol' boy. He goes from humanoid to "Junk Planet Speeder", rather appropriate for the little bleeder. And lo and behold — we slag you not! — his sculptor’s given him his trusty slingshot! To his right shoulder-plate it’s affixed, although its removability was nixed.


  • In the first commercial where Wheelie does appear, his voice didn't sound anywhere near! Although the actor was very much the same, much deeper and darker Wheelie's voice came. Instead of the shrill rhyming 'bot we all knew, he sounded exactly like that mutt Scrappy-Doo!
  • Chris Ryall said Wheelie would get a spotlight on his blog. His hide the fans now wish to flog. On Jizai's design Klaus Scherwinski did base, for Wheelie's sake he does not lose face.
  • Among those who dislike Wheelie is Floro Dery, his creator—really! Dery's said that of all his Transformers designs, Wheelie's the one that he most maligns—maybe even the only one! Honest, it's true! You can read for yourself in this interview![1]
  • In Armada, his animation model was used. He agreed with his boss, and Hot Shot was abused. They believed Hot Shot's friend had died in those flames. Thanks to those jerks, Hot Shot is who he blames.
  • Whoever made all of this rhyme, must have had a lot of time!

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  1. TransFormers Philippines: Interview With Floro Dery
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