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This is just weird

So I found out that a autobot named star saber from the Japanese shows had a adopted humam child what the heck did anyone else know about this because this is just weird sure thundercracker has a pet dog but that works because it's a dog not a human
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My 2018 collection

These are all the figures I have from 2018 and I think all of these are great in there own way my favorites are chromedome tlk megatron siege magnus and the big boy sixshot oh and jazz is playing his mixtapes
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Hey guys a little help!(from friendly-clawed Logan)

First of all I am sorry I was inactive for long, as I was studying for main exams and other competitive exams, there fore I couldn't even start my story.

Second, I am in a trouble right now for finding a autobot and deception cast for my story. So pls comment and tell 1 autobot and deception you want to see in a fanfic. Also, ideas are most welcome
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• 1/17/2019

Rose's are red...

Roses are red, violets are blue, this server is dead, how about you? Hate me if you want but everyone in here besides for the guy with the Hotrod picture are true fans. G1 should be the only religion here. Anyways. This Fandom is dead and inactive as hell and surprises me to not see it gone after my absence.
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• 1/16/2019

What is the worst and best transformers films to you

Best 1986 film and worst age of extinction
Also please note you can not just say worst all bay films you can only choose one
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• 1/16/2019
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• 1/16/2019
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• 1/16/2019

Hey why is the background dark

Cause I've never seen this out of fandoms
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• 1/12/2019
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• 1/12/2019

the new bumblebee movie

why would they blow up there own garage when bumblebee was captured? why? they could have easily opened it. with no explosions. still why just to do it for more likes?
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• 1/12/2019


did everybody take a vacation? Respond to me if someone is still here
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• 1/4/2019

Thoughts on the "Serious Questions" Bumblebee video?

Hey Transformers fans!

Fandom's video team (the same crew behind Screen Junkies and Honest Trailers) made a "Serious Questions" video with John Cena for the Bumblebee movie. It's on the article for the movie and we'd love to know what you guys think of the video. Any feedback is appreciated!

Bumblebee (Movie)
Bumblebee (Movie) Teletraan I: The Transformers Wiki
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• 1/3/2019
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• 1/3/2019
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• 1/2/2019

Siege prime

Does anyone think that the siege optimus will get a trailer like maybe they could just remodel the masterpiece trailer and make it look more cybertronian and have it work on that prime I don't own it but if it does have the thing that allows a trailer to plug in than this would be great
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• 1/1/2019

Which Transformer figure is better?

  • 2007 Transformers Voyager Ironhide
  • Studio Series Voyager Ironhide
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• 12/31/2018

Unexpected ending in comic (SPOILER)

I was reading one of my lost light comics and at the end Grimlock woke up in after falling asleep by skorponok and killed all of the scavengers aka his friends in a violent way by tearing them apart.
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• 12/31/2018
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• 12/31/2018
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• 12/30/2018

Bumblebee Discussion

Warning Spoilers Ahead!
Alright is the film retconing some of the Bayverse? Because in The Last Knight it suggests Bumblebee was in World War 2 but in the film Bumblebee he only just arrives in like 1987. In addition Optimus is on Earth at the end of the movie and new Transformers are arriving. I know the second one had some wiggle room because Optimus could have left and got the rest of the gang in time for first Transformers. The movie does go by the Bayverse somewhat since Megatron is absent from the film unless I missed something, but John Cena’s character does come from the Hoover dam which is where Megatron is being held at the time of the first film...
What do you think about this?
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