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Yeager Mark 42

i like transformers and pacific rim..
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Revenge Of The Fallen in a nutshell

The fallen:WITH THE ESTIMATED POWER OF THE SUN........ FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Optimus:*looks un impressed

The fallen:*walks over to Megatron* minion fire?

Megatron: its still warming up sir

The fallen: come again?

Megatron: warming up sir

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My tfp oc

Ok this is my tfp oc



Fraction: deceptions

Rank:second in command, warrior, air commander, assistant medic

Alt mode: a fighter jet\ covertte stingray

Appearance: she is the daughter of Dreadwing so she looks just like him but female she also has a tongue piercing

Personality: smart, insane, romantic, loyal, responsible, tough, fearless,

Height: 16 inches

Weapons: sonic blaster, silent blaster, switch blade, bombs, swords
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If you could meet any Transformer who would it be and why?

For me I'd wanna meet G1 Jazz and Prowl and tfp Dreadwing and Tfp Knockout also animated Blitzwing along with G1 Thundercraker
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OK, so I'm new and all, huge fan, reason I got this app, and just really wish to know everything I can about TF, also making friends of other fans along the way. 😀
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Is it me or the app and website community kinda dead here?
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Watching transformers 1 for the first time

I am so happy to finally see what the first transformers movie looks like😍, I watched all the other ones first (revenge of the fallen, dark of the moon, age of extinction and the last knight) and I hope to be a proud transformers fan soon😁. (and of course I hope to watch bumblebee🐝 within a short time)
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Hi I’m new here

The title says it all. I’m new to this fandom and I figured I’d come here to talk Transformers and have fun. My most favorite Transformers things are the G1 series from the 80s, Transformers Prime, and the first 3 live action films are guilty pleasures for me.

I also have a bin full of Transformers toys in my basement. I am also a huge fan of the Muppets, Star Wars, Marvel, and Sci-Fi besides Transformers. I hope to have fun on this app and just talk about what I love.

I’m also looking forward to the Bumblebee film so that’s something I could talk about in the future.
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Favorite Seeker

(P.S: IT CAN BE a fill Seeker team such as thunder cracker, skywarp and starscream.
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What would happen

What would happen if jazz survived and toy autobot like long arm died
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A Random Transformers Parody I Made

Transformers: The Super Duper Parody
Transformers: The Super Duper Parody YouTube
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I can draw any transformers (Mostly)

Just suggest and I will try.
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Hi I am new here and I just wanted to see what everyone's like. I am a decepticon fan and supporter all the way. I am glad to be a transformers fan and apart of the community!
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The Bumblebee Movie

Who is excited for the Bumblebee movie?
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Who is he again I forgot
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Arcee in The Movies

Arcee barely had any screen time compared to the other transformers or in general. She even got taken down right away in battle. They could have developed Arcee as a lasting character yet they decided to just waste her. Arcee is my favorite Autobot and this just makes me upset. How could they do this to Arcee? Arcee deserves to have as much Screentime as everyone else. I wish we could have seem more of her. I guess I'll just go back to watching Transformers Prime. At least we get to see her throughout the show. These movies really could have done better. The only other source we have of her in the movie continuity is in the comics. At least she is in them.
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Favorite Autobots and Decepticons?

What are your favorite Autobots and Decepticons?
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Team name

Choose any 5 autobots or decepticons besides optimus or megatron or anyone that is in a team in the transformers universe and name that team

Mine would be called the hunters the team would be autobots there names are hotrod drift chromedome warpath and skyfire or jet fire what ever you want to call him
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Fellow French auto bot

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